Woodworking Projects that Sell-Beginner’s Guide

Creating new and different type of products from raw wood is quite exciting. Woodworking is hobby for a lot of people but imagine turning your woodworking ambition into business, seems appealing? Yeah, you can make a good amount of money by concentrating on woodworking projects that sell.

Today, on this platform we would tell you about the most attractive and exciting woodworking projects that sell.


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How to make money woodworking:

While most of the people see woodworking as a fun hobby, you should earning from it and see everyone getting amazed! Woodworking not only includes furniture making but making of small accessories, like mini tables, book racks, wooden toys, kitchen tools, decoration pieces etc.

You can make a lot of money through it as in this time everyone looks for the products that are eco-friendly and aren’t harmful for the nature. Hence, wood projects take the top place in this regard.

Whether you decide to work on woodworking projects that sell online or local. Both of them turn out to be super fruitful. As, the woodworking industry is blooming with the passage of time.

How to make money woodworking

Here are some ways that will bring money by woodworking!

  1. Build custom pieces of wood furniture:

Custom pieces of wood furniture are so costly and it is a great way to make money in your leisure time. In the beginning you can make bed side tables, bed frames, tables of book racks and more.

  1. Teach others about woodworking:

An underrated way to make money is to teach others about what else you know about a specific work and skill. Teach them how they could be professional woodworkers. In this field you can make a class or teach individually.

If you are good in computers or social media, you can also create a blog or a YouTube channel for this. Blogging and making a YouTube channel is the most common way of earning nowadays. Most of the people like to learn online because it seems quite interesting and engaging.

Through these social media platforms or physical classes teach people each and everything that you know about woodworking. With the passage of time your audience and students will grow, it will not only enhance your woodworking skill but you can also make a handsome amount of money.

  1. Flipping furniture:

If you think that you don’t have enough amount to start woodworking that sell from the very beginning. In such case flipping furniture works well. Hence, you can buy the already existing but old and broken furniture, then you can sell it after renewing. It will bring profit!

Woodworking Projects to Sell:

Here are some of the genius and unique woodworking projects that sell.

  1. Bottle rack:

Bottle rack is one of the most famous wood product that is not only helpful in restaurants but in homes too. Storing fresh juice bottles in a self-made rack is a joy-able activity.

They are easy to make and require minimum usage of tools. Importantly, you don’t need to be expert or professional to make a bottle rack.  The main material required is a wood pallet and wood glue.

Bottle rack

  1. Serving tray:

Making a serving tray is super easy to make. You just need a solid piece wood for making the bottom of the tray, and attach 4 sides to create a lip. Finally, add handles according to your choice. Here you go! Your self0-made super cool serving tray is ready.

Serving tray

  1. Tissue holder:

Convenient to make and popular in market, a wooden tissue box is an accessory that looks great in the middle of the side table.

What you need to do is make a box with no bottom and a hollow on the top piece. Your simple and elegant wooden tissue holder is ready to use. To add more beauty you can paste beads or even sea shells for a trendier look.

Tissue holder

  1. Cutting boards:

Cutting board is the major requirement in every kitchen no matter it’s the kitchen of a hotel or a house. Cutting board eases your work and make it convenient.

There are some easy ways to make cutting boards that include laser engraving and wood burning. But we like the one in which you need to glue different wood parts and then sanding and coating them. It creates unique and trendy patterns on the wood.

Cutting boards

  1. Doormat:

A doormat is a new wooden product in the woodworking projects that sell. They would help you when you want to have a different and unique doormat.

All you need is some thin wood piece of almost same length and a rope. Drill the sides of the wood piece from top and bottom and run the rope through them. A super-duper easy and contemporary doormat is all set to use!


Woodworking Projects from Home:

Do you know that instead of making a new shop to start your woodworking business you can start it all from your own home.

All you need is a spare room or a garage and some tools. The initial and crucial tools you’d need are:

A circular saw: for making straight cuts on lumber and plywood

Jig saw: for making curved cuts or cutting out interior shapes

Power drill: for making holes and driving screws

Orbital sander: for sanding the final work

Set up a proper workshop at home and get started by purchasing raw wood from a local and cheap dealer and turn into something creative and exciting using your skills.

When you start working from home, at initial stage you need to sell your products on local level and then, set up an online platform. Post pictures of your brilliant work and showcase your skills online. Soon people will start visiting your shop and you’d start earning a good amount.

Woodworking Projects that Sell for Beginners:

Beginners need a proper guidance and tips to turn their woodworking hobby into a business of woodworking projects that sell.

Following are the tips for beginners:

  1. Create a simple woodworking setup.
  2. Learn how to read a tape measure.
  3. Understand lumbar dimensions and species.
  4. Always use straight wood boards
  5. Learn how to use the initial and essential woodworking tools
  6. Sand your wood

Here are some of the woodworking projects that sell for beginners.

  1. Wooden sofa sleeve cup holder:

It is the unique yet important wood product. When there is no side table alongside the sofa or even you don’t like picking up the cup from the side table that has a lower level than the sofa. In that case, a wooden sofa sleeve cup holder serves you well.

You can make it simply by measuring your sofa armrest and then join the wood piece to make it. When you are done making a three side wood piece, make a hole (according to the size of an ordinary cup) in the upper and less wider side of the wood piece. And your brilliant wooden sofa sleeve cup holder is ready to help you out!

Wooden sofa sleeve cup holder

  1. Candle holder:

You can make a simple yet advanced candle holder just by using a wood board and two horseshoes. What you need to do is just attach the horseshoe on both the ends of the wood. It’s ready! You can place candles over it and create a cozy and beautiful setup for a BBQ night or a movie night.

Candle holder

  1. Address number wall planter:

I think that this one is the best invention at the start of year 2021. You can make a beautiful wall planter and paste your house number over it. You can also make a small area on it where you can plant flowers to give a trendy look.

Address number wall planter

Guidance for Woodworking:

One cannot start woodworking without any guideline. Thus, you need some information before starting it. Few of the most important guidelines are as follow:

Step 1 – Choose your field:

The first and foremost step is to choose the area that you want to cover. Which means that if you want to make wooden toys, kitchen utensils, décor accessories, or custom furniture pieces. Decide it first and then start!

Step 2 – Product Research:

Do some research on the field that you have chosen! Go to Google and see what others have done in the same field, so you can get a rough idea and work better than the others.

Step 3 – Buy Required Tools:

Initial woodworking tools are jig saw, circular saw, miter saw, drill and a sander. But with the passage of time you’d need a table saw, router, clamps, wood lathe, band saw, planer and a jointer.

Step 4 – Selling Location:

Figure out where you want to start selling your wood products. Find a crowded place or a famous shop. Go for the place that has high selling rate and can offer you a handsome amount of money.

Step 5 – Build it and Sell it:

The final step is to give the shape top your imaginative wooden products and sell them in the market!

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