Miter Saw Vs Table Saw – Everything You Must Know!

Most of you might know what in fact a Saw is and the difference between Miter saw Vs Table saw, and for what purpose it is used. But, for those who are the beginners or those who need a tool to accomplish their DIY ideas. A saw is a tool that either has a blade or a disk, with a strong cutting edge that aids in cutting different material for creating new things in a more beautiful way.

Well, there are variety of saws available in the market, each one with its technical features and drawbacks. Purpose of every saw is same but they carry their own features. Those features make them the significant one!

Miter saw vs Table saw, let’s decide which one is the perfect saw for beginners and the upcoming DIY workers.

Miter Saw Vs Table Saw

Miter Saw Vs Table SawSaws have brought a revolution in the woodwork industry by their incredible functioning. They are providing the opportunity to the DIY workers to improve themselves and make this world a better place by bringing up new things and designs!

But, you have to choose the flawless saw for this purpose. Miter saw and Table saw are the most used ones and you might get to a point where you need both of them but as a beginner you need to understand the difference between Miter saw and Table saw.

What is a Miter Saw?

Miter Saw

Miter saw is an appliance featuring a circular blade to make different cuts on the stock. Above all, the circular blade is attached with a wing arm and it is lowered to make variety of cuts on the desired material.

However, miter saw and table saw has one thing in common i.e. circular blade. Hence, the miter saw is required in some special conditions and a table saw is generally used to cut woods.

Moreover, the swing mounted blade of the miter saw can be moved in any direction to make the desired cuts.

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What is a Table Saw?

Table Saw

Most of you who had done some handy work before, would know what in fact a table saw is. But, for convenience, let us elaborate it even better!

Firstly, a table saw is a table having a saw blade fixed into it. Hence, it enables you to make different types of cuts on the specific material especially wood. A table saw contains a blade that is half poking out of the table surface via slit.

Moreover, saw blade has a motor that is fixed under the table. Additionally, it also allows you to raise and lower the saw blade according to your requirement.

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Miter Saw vs Table Saw – Pros and Cons

Before diving into the deep analysis of Miter saw vs Table saw, let’s have a quick look at their pros and cons!

Features Miter Saw Table Saw
Types of Cuts Crosscuts, miter, bevel and compound cuts Ripping, crosscuts and angular cuts
Accuracy Error-free Good
Versatility Works perfect for trimming and angular cuts Multi-tasking saw and compatible with all types of woods
Working principle Moving blade, fixed material It has a fixed blade position but moving material
Applicable for Framing, trim work, base or crown molding Rip plywood, building cabinets and furniture
Recommended for Accurate tool for carpenters Preferred for woodworkers
Safety It needs more care while working; can leads to accidents if they aren’t handled carefully Safer than the miter saw
Best one

Miter Saw vs Table Saw – Major Differences:-

There are some important facts and features on the basis of which both of them are differentiated.

1: Usage:

First of all, the table saw is a general wood cutting tool that is used to cut wood no matter in how position it is. As compared to a table saw, a miter saw is used to make some special cuts, where precision is the crucial element! Most of the time, for making long rip cuts and crosscuts, a miter saw is preferred over a table saw.

For instance, a miter saw can make up to 6-8 inches cut but it also depends on the size and angel of the wood. While, the table saw can make as longer cut as you want to make.

However, the flaws of a miter saw are mostly ignored due to its precision.

2: Working principle:

Talking about the table saw, it has fixed blade that is poked out of the table surface via slit while on the other hand, miter saw has a moving blade. Similarly, you have to move the stock while working on the table saw. But, when you are working with a miter saw, you don’t need to move the stock, rather the blade is movable.

However, a sliding compound miter needs your effort because you have to move the miter over the material that needs a cut.

3: Accuracy and Portability:

A miter saw is probably the perfect option for the people who want to make flawless cuts. While, if you think that you can make a precise cut with a table saw; it’d prove you wrong! However, a table saw can make precise cuts on the soft materials like plastic just as the miter saw does.

If you don’t have a miter saw and want to make crosscuts and miter cuts with a table saw; you’d require a sled and a miter gauge.

Apart from this, a miter saw can be moved from one place to another easily due to the compact size and portability. But, moving a table saw is a quite hectic task.

How to decide which one should you buy a Miter Saw or a Table Saw?

If you are making some general cuts of the woods like, diving the long planks into parts, making crosscuts and long rip cuts, table saw knows how to impress you in such fields.

However, if you want to make small or precise cuts like miter cuts and bevel cuts, you should invest on the miter saw

Who should buy which one?

Most of the people mix or confuse these two saws i.e. miter saw and table saw. But, there is a huge difference.

During the construction of a house, a carpenter needs to make windows and door frames. Moreover, he needs to do trimming and molding in several situations and nothing can get better than a miter saw at that situation.

On the other hand, woodworkers need to cut large sized boards, rip plywood for making cabinets and desk. So, in this case a woodworker requires something that make such perfect cuts and for that purpose, a table saw is best!

Miter Saw Vs Table Saw Infographic


Miter saw is less versatile than a table saw but it makes the precise cuts that table saw cannot. For the beginners a table saw is highly recommended as it is safer than the miter saw. However, go for the miter saw if your work needs precision!

Hope you’d like our guide. In case of any queries and suggestion, comment below!

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