Router Table Vs Table Saw – Everything You Must Know!

When it comes to finding a stationary woodworking tool for your home DIY shop, the most common table that you’re bound to come across is either a table saw or a router table. If you are planning on setting up your home workshop then you must be looking for both of these but sadly can buy only one of them due to various constraints.

In this article, we are comparing both of these woodworking tools for all kinds of usages and by the end of it, you will be able to decide that which table will prove to be of much worth to you.

Router Table Vs Table Saw

Router Table vs Table Saw

First thing first, before we talk about all the differences between table saw and router table, it is important for you to know that what is a table saw and router table what are their purposes so you can make an informed decision.

Everything you need to know about a TABLE SAW:


Table Saw

A table saw that is also known as a bench saw is stationary tool, commonly used in woodworking shop that is used to rip all kinds of woods depending upon their thickness and strength. The table saw obviously consists of a table with a blade and is powered by a motor that makes it really easy and much more convenient for a woodworker to cut wood.

Once you start looking, you will find an enormous range of best table saw available in the market with different kinds of blades that are used for cutting heavy-duty and lightweight woods. Not to mention, a table saw is by far the most important tool in any wood DIY shop and is efficiently used in making furniture.

Everything you need to know about a ROUTER TABLE:


Router Saw

A router table is a combination of a stationary table and a router tool. These are commonly available in the market and come in a number of designs.

A router table is used by a woodworker or any DIYer who wants to make his job easier and requires maximum efficiency for cutting wood, one that cannot be attained by using a simple router saw. A router table usually features a router mounted in the center that protrudes from the hole.

Major Similarities between a Router Table and a Table Saw:

Router tables and table saws are ideal for small home projects in which you won’t be doing any kind of heavy lifting or ripping heavy duty wood apart.

When it comes to profiling small wooden pieces, the task can feel a lot difficult if you’re using a handheld saw. This can be done easily with a router table where you can easily pin the material down and rip it as conveniently as possible.

Same goes for the table saw, it allows you to cut through bug and small wooden pieces with as much ease as you require. They’re easy to handle and work like magic, perfect for beginners as well.

Major Differences between a Router Table and a Table Saw:

While it may seem that router tables and table saws have a lot of similarities, that isn’t really the case. Both of these products come with different tools and accessories and are also used for different kinds of small projects.

The main difference between a table saw and a router table is that a router table can mount pins and buts along with being able to cut the wood half. A router table is usually used when making more intricate cuts where you need utmost precision and have to be careful.

Whereas table saws are only used for sawing wooden pieces and big wooden sheets and you cannot use them for precision cuts where you have to create small details.


We are enlisting down a few of all the features of table saws and router tables. Continue reading and you will figure out which table provides you more efficiency with regards to a single feature.

  • Cutting rebates and dovetails:

Router tables and table saws can both cut dovetails however a table saw cannot cut a rebate but a router table can. A router table can also make small details in dovetails known as secret miters where once all the pieces have been joined together, you won’t be able to see the dovetails.

If you just want a basic dovetail then table saw will be able to cut it faster than a router table but if you want to make small details as you go then a router table is your best bet.

  • Cutting Straight:Table saw Straight Cuts

If you just want to cut straight wooden pieces then without a doubt, a table saw takes the cake. It can cut down wooden pieces faster and much more conveniently then a router table can. All you have to do is adjust the fence accurately and the same size pieces can be cut down within minutes.

However, you can also use a router table for the same purpose but we have to tell you, it will be much slower as compared to the results you will get from a table saw.

  • Dust collection:Router Table Dust Collection Port

Router tables are far more robust and strong then table saws. They create a lot of dust which is why almost every router table comes with a dust collection system that makes it convenient for the user to clean his space without having to make a lot of mess out of it.

Since table saws don’t usually create a lot of dust and are mainly used to cut thinner pieces of wood, they don’t all come with dust collection system which is a but off-putting for some people since it creates a lot of mess.

Router Table Vs Table Saw Infographic:

Router Table Vs Table Saw Infographic


As you must have understood yourself, a router table and a table saw both hold their own importance. For those who just want to get through creating simple DIY projects will easily be able to go with table saws but if you happen to be someone who loves creativity then a router table will be your saving grace.


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